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We are your Instrument Repair Specialists!

Bronze Guitar/Bass Service : $15
String change, tune & polish
(Strings not included)

Silver Guitar/Bass Service : $29.95
String change, fretboard conditioning, fret polish, action adjustments
(Strings not included)

Gold Guitar/Bass Service : $59.95

String change, fretboad conditioning, fret polish, action adjustments, truss rod adjustments, intonation
(Strings not included)

Replace Nut: $20
Remove old nut, clean and install new nut for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and bass guitar.   New nut may be additional cost. (Additional cost for bone, call for quote)

Lower String Action Acoustic Guitar: $25
Remove and reshape saddle to lower string action.  New saddle may be additional cost. (Additional cost for bone, call for quote) 

Repair Input Jack Electric Guitar/Bass: $20
Wire and solder electrical components to prevent grounding out. New input jack may be additional cost.

Re-Attach Bridge Acoustic Guitar: $35
Remove and install bridge on acoustic guitar.   New bridge may be additional cost.

Wind Instrument Key Adjustment: $50
All wind instruments, trumpet, trombone, flute, clarinet, saxophone etc
Key adjustment and leak corrections

Re-corking per part: $25
Remove old cork and install new cork for the mouthpiece of a clarinet or saxophone or for body sections of a clarinet.

Violin/Viola/Cello Re-string : $15
String change, tune & polish
(Strings not included)

Violin/Viola/Cello Set-ups : $25
Custom notch the bridge and setup with sound posts

We also replace missing, or broken parts, fix your electronics, and much more. For more details or if you have any questions please call us at:

Cypress, CA Location

Irvine, CA Location